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etHIN Direct SX

etHIN DIRECT is a secure, healthcare-only email messaging system used to exchange patient information between clinicians and other healthcare servicers. It was created to give healthcare providers a safer way to send information than through faxes, mail, email, couriers, and phones.

These traditional communication channels are acceptable for sharing non-sensitive patient information, but there are security risks involved with sending Protected Health Information (PHI). etHIN DIRECT allows authorized providers to securely share information with other providers who use Direct, even if they don’t use Electronic Health Records (EHR).

etHIN DIRECT allows healthcare providers to:

  • Exchange clinical data, PHI, and patient summary records with other DIRECT healthcare providers and State agencies.
  • Send and receive referrals to and from other providers and specialists.
  • Coordinate care across transitions of care
  • Send orders for lab work and tests to other facilities and receive results.
  • Reduce the labor and costs of managing data historically shared via fax, email, mail, or courier delivery.

etHIN DIRECT allows labs and imaging centers to:

  • Receive orders from DIRECT users.
  • Deliver test and lab results to DIRECT users.
  • Potentially reduce the labor and costs of managing data shared by fax, disks, mail, or courier delivery.

etHIN DIRECT adheres to the eHealth Exchange (formerly known as NwHIN) DIRECT standards and may also help healthcare providers meet certain Meaningful Use criteria.