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etHIN Alerts and Notifications

etHIN Alerts and Notifications are electronic notifications that can be sent to providers when etHIN receives information that a patient has had a hospital encounter or when selected clinical information is received.

Alerts and Notifications provide real-time notification when your patient has a hospital event. Receiving alerts helps ensure proper care coordination and can reduce costs by decreasing wait time for staff members who are trying to obtain patient information or results.

Alerts and Notifications can be customized to fit your workflow and are available in several different formats, including

  • Automatic delivery into your EMR system
  • Direct Secure Messaging
  • Daily Reports

Choose one or more of these Alerts to support your practice:

  • Inpatient Alerts – Notification when your patient has a hospital admission or discharge
  • Emergency Department Alerts – Notification when your patient has an emergency room registration or discharge
  • Clinical Information Alerts – Notification when specified clinical information is received by etHIN (lab results, radiology results, etc.)
  • Patient Centered Data Home (PCDH) Alerts – Notification when one of your patients is treated at a hospital out of your area, and the treating hospital’s local HIE participates in the PCDH program and sends an alert through etHIN

Increased awareness of patients’ care events with multiple providers can improve the quality of care, assist in better care coordination, and reduce the likelihood of hospital readmissions – all ultimately lowering healthcare costs.

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