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eHIP Clinical Viewer

etHIN’s Health Information Portal (eHIP) Clinical Viewer puts the power of information in the hands of healthcare providers. Information found in eHIP can help facilitate faster and more effective treatment, more accurate diagnoses and better patient outcomes.

By aggregating available patient data on demand from across all participating providers, eHIP makes this information instantly accessible in one view, in an easy-to-use format. Access to the Clinical Viewer may provide more complete cross-community information than the patient’s individual treating healthcare providers have in their stand-alone Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

eHIP Clinical Viewer allows providers to:

  • View patient data in a single, consolidated chart from etHIN’s participating providers, regardless of the type of information system or Electronic Health Record (EHR) used at the various sources.
  • Access more information at the point of care, which may lead to better patient outcomes.
  • Reduce administrative labor and costs associated with duplicated tests and treatments, or lost time waiting for referrals and faxes.

Let etHIN help you move toward improving patient care with information, time, and cost efficiencies that can be realized by using eHIP.