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Health Information Exchange Glossary

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Product Purpose Appropriate for
eHIP Clinical Viewer» Allows physicians to view clinical data from multiple healthcare systems. eHIP is a view-only system. All providers needing access to PHI for TPO purposes.
CMS Hospital Event Notifications » CMS requires hospitals to send electronic ADT event notifications to patients’ established primary care providers, practices and post-acute care providers and suppliers when certain hospital events occur. The notifications are required to begin May 1, 2021. No-cost delivery methods are available for recipients to receive the notifications. Primary care and post-acute care providers and suppliers.
etHIN Alerts » Electronic alerts for care coordination, quality improvement, and other purposes are sent to providers when their patients have hospital events that are received by etHIN. Multiple delivery methods are available to suit your workflow. All providers needing information about their patients’ other medical interactions.
Results Delivery Electronic results are sent to providers when specified clinical data, such as lab reports, transcribed reports, radiology reports and more, is received by etHIN. Multiple delivery methods are available to suit your workflow. All providers needing information about their patients’ other medical interactions.
Full HIE Integration to Physician Electronic Medical Records System etHIN implements an HIE interface to push/pull data between the HIE and the physician’s electronic medical records (EMR) system. Single sign-on and data integration into patient charts is available, depending on the EMR’s capabilities. Physician practices, clinics, hospitals, and others with EMR systems
Custom Message Transformation Patient data messages received by etHIN are transformed into the custom format needed by the physician’s EMR system, and then automatically pushed into the EMR. Any provider needing information notifications whose EMR system requires custom message types to integrate into patient charts or current task or inbox workflows
Analytics and Custom Reports Receive analytics and other reports customized for your organization’s use cases or to assist with Quality, HEDIS, and Star reporting to governmental and other entities. All providers needing community-wide information on their patient populations for disease management, reporting, and quality improvement purposes.
Public Health Reporting Services» Automatically send public health reporting data to the TN Department of Health, reducing manual data entry. Interfaces are available to the immunization registry, cancer registry, and syndromic surveillance. Pediatricians, family practice physicians, certain physician specialists, hospitals
Image Gateway » Enables the electronic sharing of diagnostic-quality medical images between healthcare providers by caching images, making them viewable by participating etHIN providers. Lowers the cost of supporting image exchange within etHIN’s community of care. Imaging centers, hospitals, and physician practices that have image capabilities
etHIN Direct SX Secure, healthcare-only email messaging system designed for the exchange of PHI and one-to-one communication between participating healthcare providers and servicers. Physician practices, labs, home health, long term care, image centers, certain hospital departments, and social service agencies focused on providing health-related services


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