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Access Community Wide Data Inside your EMR Using Integrated Single Sign-On with Patient in Context Lookup

Streamline Access to etHIN Data by Automating Login and Logout


Single Sign-On (SSO) with Patient in Context (PIC) lookup seamlessly enables access to a patient’s medical record in etHIN when you open the patient’s medical record in your EMR system. User authentication happens automatically in the background, keeping the patient in-context, so providers are able to see not only the patient information in their own EMR but also all cross-community information that has been submitted to etHIN by other providers. This “behind the scenes” method of automated user authentication eliminates the need for your staff to keep the etHIN portal open and manually enter etHIN login credentials into that portal. The patient data available in etHIN is automatically displayed within your EMR when that patient record is viewed.  Information from etHIN is view only, up to date at the time it is viewed, and is not automatically stored in the provider’s EMR.

Clinicians are often pressed for time, making them reluctant to leave their EMR systems to search and/or access other systems for information. Implementing etHIN SSO with PIC will allow providers and clinical staff to realize the following benefits:

  • Up to date, cross-community data from etHIN available within your EMR
  • Streamlines user access/reduces “clicks” by automating the login and logout process
  • Improves accessibility of cross-community information available in etHIN
  • Eliminates the need to log into/keep the etHIN Clinical Viewer Portal open
  • Reduces the number of passwords providers and staff must remember/manage
  • Adding/removing etHIN users resides within your practice/facility, reducing administrative processes
  • No annual etHIN compliance training requirement

Because SSO with PIC automates access to the data available in etHIN, participants using SSO have reported a significant increase in the number of HIE patient records accessed by their providers and staffs.  Having readily available, up-to-date clinical data from others in the community can assist in providing the best possible care to your patients.

Contact us at 865-691-8433 or today to discuss how SSO with PIC can bring cross-community data into your existing EMR workflows, providing additional information from within your own EMR.

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