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Learn What Your Peers are Saying About Using etHIN

etHIN surveyed a representative sample of physician practice clinical portal users in January 2016 and was very pleased to receive responses from 63% of those surveyed.

Replies were overwhelmingly positive, with suggestions for additional functionality along with more and additional data types to be added to the HIE. Following are just a few of the responses to the survey questions related to time savings, type of data used, and benefits of using etHIN.

How much time does using etHIN save versus your former process of obtaining information?

Cancer specialty – “etHIN helps me turn around records on a patient in a matter of a few minutes, as before, I would have been waiting 2-48 hours+ for local providers/facilities to respond to my requests.”

PCP – “Average 10-15 minutes per patient, looking up probably 30 patients per day.”

Pediatric – “Staff save 5-10 minutes per request each time etHIN is used when compared to (finding information) in other portals. I would guestimate (waiting) 10-30 minutes (per request) for faxes, return calls, etc. (using our former process).”

PCP Care Coordination – “Basically, etHIN is the only place I can find (where else patients have received care) in a timely manner. So I would say in that regard, etHIN saves me approximately an hour or more of time a day.”

What types of data are you using from etHIN?

PCP – “ADT, lab, discharge summaries, plus reports. For HEDIS reporting, we save an hour each time we file if the information we need is in the system.”

Pediatric – “etHIN is used mainly for labs and x-rays, sometimes reports.”

Surgical Specialty – “Lab reports, op notes, imaging reports and images.”

Billing – “I am in etHIN every day and find it very helpful for finding addresses, phone numbers and insurances.”

Cancer Specialty – “I look for pathology reports, imaging reports, doctors’ notes, labs, consults and anything else our doctors might need for the patient.”

What are the benefits of using etHIN to physicians and patients?

Pediatric – “Speed of obtaining lab results and ability to view x-rays”

PCP – “It provides the physicians with more patient information than they would have otherwise, plus it provides the information the staff needs to build case management codes.”

Cancer Specialty – “(As a case manager,) I can get answers more quickly, get patients in to see our physicians more quickly, and reduce the amount of time I spend working on each case, allowing me to help more patients.”

etHIN provides patient information through its services to numerous practices in the local community, enhancing office efficiency and providing additional medical data, which can positively impact the bottom line. Now more than ever, these are critically important factors in the success of your practice and the quality of care provided to your patients. To learn more, visit, or call us at 865-691-8433.

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