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New Functionality Available in the eHIP Clinical Viewer

East Tennessee Health Information Network (etHIN) has upgraded its clinical portal to contain several new features that have been requested by the local healthcare community recently.  The upgraded portal, called eHIP Clinical Viewer, may be accessed from the website after completing user onboarding.

New features include:

Ability for users to view records from only specified data providers if desired, which helps reduce the number of records the user needs to review to find the required information.

Icons are now available on the patient search page, showing the type of info available from each data provider. If a patient is uncertain where a certain test or procedure was performed, this feature helps users by showing at a glance the types of data submitted by each data participant.

A Data Indicator on the navigation bar lets users know at a glance which sections of the patient chart contain data, another time savings for users, who no longer need to open chart sections that do not contain data.

A Cumulative Labs page is available to show trending of same type lab results over time, assisting with a longer-term view of the patient’s health.

A Patient Summary Report has been added, providing users a complete summary report containing all data received by etHIN for the patient.

A Recent Patients list showing the previous 20 patient lookups is available, allowing users to easily reopen a patient chart if additional information is needed.

The data available in etHIN and new features of the eHIP Clinical Viewer can help streamline your office workflow and significantly reduce wait time to receive the patient data you need. Contact etHIN today at 865-691-8433 for more information and a demonstration of the new eHIP Clinical Viewer!

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