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Receiving Alerts Can Help Improve Patient Care and Monitoring

etHIN provides hospital and clinical information alerts to care managers and physicians

Real-time alerts from etHIN are a way to stay informed about your patient’s clinical encounters that occur outside of your practice. Valuable patient information such as encounters, diagnoses, labs, hospital admissions and more can be sent to you electronically, giving you the most recent data about your patients’ wellbeing.  Receiving alerts can also reduce costs by decreasing wait time for staff members who are trying to obtain patient information or results.

Alerts can improve care transitions, coordination, and management of patient health, as well as reducing avoidable ED visits and preventing hospital readmissions.  According to, “Organizations using ADT alerts have shown reductions in 30-day readmissions (and) improved outcomes… Other organizations have demonstrated that ADT alerts can be used to reduce the number of ED to inpatient transitions.” 1  

While alert fatigue can be a concern in the healthcare industry, you are in control when you receive patient alerts from etHIN. You decide what information that you want to receive and which patients you want to receive alerts for.

Receiving different alerts containing specific information for your different patient cohorts is another way to stay in control. For example, A1C test results can be sent for your diabetic patients, follow-up imaging and lab testing for return office visits, and hospital admits/discharges for frequent ED visits or your transitions of care patients are just a few of the alerts that are available. The volume and types of alerts you receive is based on what is most important to your practice. If etHIN receives the information, alerts can be sent to you.

etHIN can deliver alerts in numerous ways, including directly into your EMR if integrated to etHIN, in a report that you initiate at your convenience, FTP, and possibly by a customized delivery method if none of the other options meet your needs.

Increased awareness of patient’s care events with other providers and hospitals can improve the quality of care, assist in better care coordination, and reduce the likelihood of hospital readmission – all ultimately lowering healthcare costs. Contact us to learn more about how receiving etHIN Alerts can benefit your practice and your patients – 865-691-8433 or


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