What is etHIN?

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What is etHIN?

East Tennessee Health Information Network (etHIN) is a non-profit, joint community initiative established in 2005 to serve the needs of healthcare providers in East Tennessee. etHIN’s purpose is to create a healthcare information network that is used by authorized providers, supports improving patient outcomes, and helps to potentially lower the cost of healthcare.

The community partnership includes local hospital systems, physicians, and other community healthcare providers. etHIN manages state-of-the-art technology to provide access to patient information by authorized treating providers. etHIN does not provide medical services; rather, it enables quick access to patient information for medical decision-making and a secure infrastructure for care coordination and communication.

Members of etHIN’s Community of Care have long recognized the need for a Health Information Exchange (HIE) as the right thing to do for our patients. The 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act gave a nationwide directive for creating health information exchanges, which bolstered our early efforts. In 2011, etHIN launched the HIE infrastructure so that authorized healthcare providers with a treatment, payment, or operations need for information about a patient could more easily obtain it.

Now, etHIN is working to make health information sharing available to members of its trusted healthcare community, including physicians, clinics, diagnostic centers, hospitals and other point-of-care facilities in East Tennessee. etHIN adheres to all state and federal guidelines that protect Tennessee’s healthcare consumers.