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2022 Annual Participant Survey Results

etHIN performed its annual Participant Survey in January 2022. The survey is designed to measure Participant satisfaction with etHIN’s products and services. We greatly appreciate everyone who took time to respond to the survey.

Participants are pleased overall with the services and support they receive from etHIN. Two areas receiving suggestions for improvement were printing and scrolling in the Clinical Viewer. We are pleased to report that enhancements to both of these areas were included in February’s system upgrade.

Participants expressed high need for data from hospital systems and other healthcare entities that are not currently etHIN participants to help support delivery of the best possible care to their shared patients. etHIN is acutely aware of the healthcare community’s need for data from non-participating organizations and is continuing outreach efforts to add additional hospital systems, primary care organizations and specialties to the etHIN network.

We have cataloged the responses and comments received to use in planning future enhancements to etHIN’s suite of products and services.

Statistics and Response Summary

1. etHIN’s services are helpful to me.
86% of respondents found etHIN’s services either Very Helpful or Helpful. Another 10% said etHIN Services are Somewhat Helpful.

2. etHIN’s Clinical Viewer is easy to use.
78% of respondents Highly Agreed or Agreed that the eHIP Clinical Viewer is easy to use. Another 16% Somewhat Agreed that the Viewer is easy to use.

3. etHIN’s staff is responsive to my requests and needs.
81% of respondents felt etHIN’s staff was Highly Responsive or Responsive when they contacted us. Another 16% said etHIN staff was Somewhat Responsive.

4. etHIN provides a more complete picture of my patient’s health than I would otherwise have.
88% of respondents thought etHIN provided a more complete picture of their patient’s health than they would have if they didn’t use etHIN. Another 6% said they Somewhat Agreed that etHIN gave them more complete information.

5. How often do you normally use etHIN’s services?
84% of respondents use etHIN services Daily or Weekly, with another 13% saying they use etHIN monthly.

6. What do you value most about etHIN?
A sampling of responses include:
• The time it saves not having to request patient records.
• I have access to information about (our) new patients.
• It gives us a fuller picture of a patient’s health history.
• I value the demographic information, lab results, radiology results and other information I use daily in my role.
• Access to old labs, old images
• Find office notes from specialists that patients are seeing which we may not have otherwise known about.
• Being able to obtain patient records for our provider to review to help care for the patient when they are seen by other providers/hospitals, quickly and easily.

7. Which healthcare organizations would you like to begin seeing data from in etHIN?
The majority of responses identified area hospitals that are not currently etHIN participants including Tennova Healthcare, Blount Memorial Hospital, Sweetwater Hospital Association, and Ballad Health. (Note: Ballad Health information is available in the eHealth Exchange tab in the eHIP Clinical Viewer. Please contact etHIN’s Help Desk if you need assistance locating Ballad information.) OB/GYN and other specialties were also mentioned as information needed for more complete patient care.

8. How can etHIN improve its Clinical Viewer?
The improvements requested were primarily related to printing. Requests and comments include:
• It’s sometimes difficult to get the results to fit on the page.
• Need the ability to print from multiple pages at once instead of page 1 then 2 then 3, etc. (Note: This was addressed in the February system update)
• The ability to select labs by dates only
• If it could batch the labs together and print them for the specific visit.

9. What types of information could etHIN provide that would be helpful for your quality and other required reporting?
Answers related to additional data types that would be useful included:
• EKG reports. I rarely find EKG reports available to be printed when done in the hospitals.
• EKG’s, stress tests, and Echos
•  Discharge summaries (Note: Discharge Summaries are located in the Documents tab in Clinical Viewer.)

10. How satisfied are you with etHIN?
77% of respondents stated they were Very Satisfied or Satisfied with etHIN. Another 10% said they were Somewhat Satisfied. Comments from dissatisfied users primarily focused on printing or scrolling concerns while using the Clinical Viewer. etHIN addressed both of those areas in its February system upgrade.

11. What could etHIN provide or do differently that would increase your satisfaction with etHIN and its services?
• Have Ballad records available. (Note: Ballad Health data is available in the eHealth Exchange tab.)
• Select labs by dates only instead of every lab that’s ever been done

12. Please provide any ideas or comments that you would like to share with etHIN.
• Have facilities and providers clearly specify the facility or provider name on their documents.
• I have had to call the Help Desk a few times recently because I have messed up my password, and Chris was just awesome. I appreciate him.
• Thank you for providing this wonderful service. It saves so much time as I know hospital staff and other healthcare providers are overwhelmed currently. It’s so easy to look up the information without having to make phone calls and wait for information to be emailed and/or faxed.

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